Selected Of God

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Pastor Callahan and the SOG choir....They are
certainly one of the best groups I've ever worked with....I'm excited that they are being
afforded mainstream opportunities to share their powerful ministry...I'm positive their
future is bright , and know they will bring joy and motivation to many”
..... Kurt Carr.

Taking the WORD which never changes and fitting it into a world that’s ever-changing,
Larry Callahan & Selected of God, a group of resilient singers has taken their “one shot”
to make a major impact on the world. From the gritty streets of Detroit, Michigan to the
worldwide stage, SOG’s path is one of resilience, hope, and a desire to share a perfected
love for an imperfect world.

In 2002, Pastor Larry Callahan answered the call to bring hope to a place that has
lost the very essence of the rich history and lasting legacy of the Motor City. With
unemployment on the rise, and countless residents leaving Detroit for greater
opportunities, many were looking for an outlet, a way to keep hope alive in their beloved
city. Pastor Callahan overcame the mounting pressures of religion and social expectations
and took everyday people to fulfill a mission.

Larry did what many Americans do: work a job to keep the bills paid while
moonlighting as a “dream chaser”. He took the choir to ministries all across nation,
sharing the love of Christ singing original music from their prior CDs Lift the Savior Up
and The Evolution. As notoriety increased, however, so did the problems. “There were
times when I didn’t know how I was going to feed my family,” explains Larry. “I’d hit
rock bottom; no money in my pocket, I even ran out of gas driving to work the day we
completed taping the video for ‘Lose Yourself’.”

The mounting pressure of family and pursuing passion would have proved too
much for most. However, for Larry, it was his faith that kept him moving Selected of
God on the path of success. “The same day I was terminated from work was the same day
SOG received payment for our first commercial with Chrysler. God answered a prayer
that I hadn’t even had the time to pray for.”

Selected of God has since graced some of the biggest audiences and stages in
America from the 2011 Super Bowl and the Detroit Tigers v Yankees playoff game, to a
Monday Night Football performance with soul legend Jimmy Scott. They also won an
Emmy for their role in the “Born of Fire: Imported from Detroit” commercial, and have
embarked on a musical journey that can only be orchestrated by God. True to their roots,
they have worked with world renowned Gospel artists like: Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole,
Donald Lawrence and Kurt Carr. Recently named the Ambassadors of Detroit by
Chrysler Motors, they have blazed a trail for others to follow. Some teachers,
accountants, nurses, military personnel, hairdressers, even the unemployed, are
represented in this group who resemble the fabric work of our great country; ordinary
people doing extraordinary things

Their successes do not overshadow their humble beginnings. “We’ve been
branded a lot of things: the ‘How Sweet the Sound’ choir, the ‘Super Bowl’ choir.
Although we are honored by these affiliations, we don’t want to be put in a box. We have
the freedom to sing songs about Christ that will change lives. The group challenges the
standard views of Gospel music, saying that their “church swag” brings a youthful,
vibrant feel to Christianity. “We take the Word [of God] which never changes and fit it
into a world that’s ever-changing. For those who don’t understand it, that’s called

“One Shot” has been the battle cry of these singers; making the most of their God
given talent has brought beauty and glory to a place once considered dark and desolate.
Their story personifies the resilient nature of not only the human condition, but also the
city of Detroit.